Book written by Dr. Beverly Yates ND to help women better understand heart disease and what can be done to help restore heart health. Includes specific info on nutrition, stress...


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A Natural Approach to Healing and Preventing Heart Disease by Dr. Yates

  • information on alternative remedies including healing herbs and botanical medicines
  • practical, useful tips for eating healthy that work for any one, including super busy people
  • heart healthy recipes for traditional African American dishes – great foods, great preparation!
  • practical, useful tips for exercise that can work any where – even when traveling tips on how to handle travel and work
  • obligations and still care for your health
  • tips on stress management
  • checklists and other tools for looking at nutritional and exercise habits
  • essential information on how to prevent or manage obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure
  • strategies for finding more time in the day to reduce stress
  • and much more that can make all the difference for heart health and wellness