Looking for a product that can help support your blood sugar levels? Look no further than Blood Sugar Support! This unique formula is designed to help decrease insulin resistance, making...


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Looking for a product that can help support your blood sugar levels? Look no further than Blood Sugar Support! This unique formula is designed to help decrease insulin resistance, making the blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin more effective. It also increases glycolysis, helping the body break down sugars inside cells. Additionally, it helps to decrease sugar production in the liver. So, if you're looking for a product that can help support healthy blood sugar levels, be sure to try Blood Sugar Support!

Berberine HCL (Berberis aristata) (bark)

Several plants, including Berberis shrubs, contain berberine, a bioactive compound.  The compound belongs to a class of compounds called alkaloids. Yellow in color, it has often been used as a dye. In traditional Chinese medicine, berberine was used to treat a variety of ailments. Fast-forward to modern science, which now confirms the impressive benefits of berberine for a variety of health conditions. (1)

BLOOD SUGAR SUPPORT - The Magic of Berberine

The effects of berberine have been studied in hundreds of different ways. Multiple biological systems have been shown to be affected by it. Ingestion of berberine results in the body absorbing it and transporting it into the bloodstream. After that, it enters the cells of the body. As it enters the cells, it binds to several different molecular targets and changes their function. In a similar way, pharmaceutical drugs work. (2)(3)

Berberine activates an enzyme called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) inside cells. A metabolic master switch is sometimes called this enzyme. It can be found in the cells of various organs, including the brain, muscles, kidneys, heart, and liver. Metabolism is regulated by this enzyme. (4)(5)(6)

Berberine, Weight Loss, and Diabetes

The prevalence of type 2 diabetes has increased dramatically in recent decades, causing millions of deaths each year. Insulin resistance or insulin deficiency causes elevated blood sugar (glucose) levels. The body's tissues and organs can be damaged over time by high blood sugar levels, leading to a number of health problems. Studies have shown that berberine can significantly reduce blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. (9)

In fact, its effectiveness is comparable to the popular diabetes drug metformin (Glucophage). Berberine decreases insulin resistance, making insulin more effective at lowering blood sugar levels. The enzyme produced by the introduction of berberine increases glycolysis inside cells and decreases sugar production in the liver. The number of beneficial bacteria in the gut is also increased by berberine. (10)(11)

One study of 116 diabetic patients found that 1 gram of berberine per day lowered fasting blood sugar by 20%, from 7.0 to 5.6 mmol/L (126 to 101 mg/dL), or from diabetic to normal. Additionally, it improved blood lipids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides, and lowered hemoglobin A1c by 12%. In a review of 14 studies, berberine was found to be as effective as metformin, glipizide and rosiglitazone, which are oral diabetes drugs. (12)(13)

In a 12-week study of obese individuals, 500 mg taken three times daily resulted in an average weight loss of 5 pounds. A 3.6% reduction in body fat was also achieved by the participants. (14)

Researchers believe that improved fat-regulating hormone function, such as insulin, adiponectin, and leptin, causes weight loss. Molecularly, berberine inhibits fat cell growth as well. (15)(16)

Berberine and the Heart

The leading cause of premature death in the world is heart disease. A number of factors that can be measured in the blood are associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Many of these factors have been shown to be improved by berberine. Berberine lowers total cholesterol, lowers LDL cholesterol, lowers blood triglycerides, and raises HDL cholesterol. (17)

Apolipoprotein B, a major risk factor, has also been shown to be lowered by 13-15% by this supplement. Berberine inhibits an enzyme called PCSK9, according to some studies. The bloodstream is cleansed of LDL as a result. (18)

Berberine Secondary Benefits

It may help fight depression in rats, according to studies. Several studies have shown that berberine has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can be prevented by reducing fat buildup in the liver. According to one study, it improved patients' symptoms and reduced their risk of death from heart failure. (19)(20)(21)(22)