Women's Health

Headshot LOW RES Dr. Yates January 2010 no stethoscope or white coat 3_IMG_9569 Women's Health is a broad topic, including health concerns that are specific to women throughout their lifetime.  Many health concerns, like heart disease, depression, unwanted weight gain and diabetes can affect women in ways that are different than now these illnesses typically affect men.

Many women find that their health needs shift as they age, and this shift sometimes follows a pattern that is similar to other women in their family.  Women can age comfortably with the right support and knowledge to preserve health and minimize risks that jeopardize quality of life.  Many people say that if they had known they were going to live so long they would have taken better care of themselves when they were younger.  Now is the time to invest in your health and wellness for your lifetime.

Health problems that respond well to natural therapies include:


Hot Flashes

Hormonal Balancing, including treatment with Bio-Identical Hormones

Breast health, breast tenderness

Fibrocystic breasts

Breast Cancer Support

PMS - Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Weight Gain







Poor Sleep - either can't get to sleep or cannot stay asleep

Post-partum depression or Post-partum blues

Menstrual problems - PMS, pain, heavy flow, brain fog, etc.


PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Abnormal Pap Smears (e.g. due to HPV)

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