Fatigue, Brain Fog and Mental Clarity

People who experience fatigue, brain fog or a lack of mental clarity frequently report that they feel "out of touch" and that they are unable to get simple things done to their satisfaction.  There are lab tests available that help identify why the fatigue, brain fog or lack of mental clarity persists, and these lab test results help determine an appropriate treatment plan.  Sometimes a person's health history tells the whole story, and lab tests are used to determine if there are any hidden factors that contribute to the current set of symptoms.

It can be really frustrating or discouraging to seek answers multiple times and yet not get relief from these symptoms.  Don't give up hope.  Natural medicine excels at offering healing solutions for difficult or unusual health situations.  A consultation can determine what are the appropriate next steps for your care.  Some patients respond well to nutrient-based therapy including specific supplements and herbs, others respond to specific clinical nutrition plans, others thrive with IV (Intravenous) Nutrient Therapy, others do best with a combination approach.  Schedule your consultation to determine what next steps are right for you.

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