People Are Pleased With Their Care

What Dr. Yates' patients say as a result of her work with them

"Dr. Beverly gave me such great hands-on care, she personally made some tinctures for my specific condition and the over-the-counter herbal medicine she prescribed actually worked. Working with Dr. Bev made it easier for me to find what I needed and get well, since my usual home-grown method was hit and mostly miss."  --  Elizabeth Daniels Sidon, Mill Valley, CA

"For the first time in years I feel truly heard and listened to, with respect and understanding.  I really can tell Dr. Yates sees the whole picture for my health, how illnesses started, and best of all, what can be done to regain my health.  I feel good in ways I had long since given up on as even being possible again for me.  Thanks!"  --  K.S., Petaluma, CA

"Dr. Yates really nailed it!  It turns out she was right about what was the key to my seemingly unrelated set of symptoms.  She took the time to explain to me why one particular issue was the key and that focusing treatment on it would likely yield the results I wanted.  It worked great for me!"  --  H.B., Mill Valley, CA

"I wish I'd met Dr. Yates first...after all the money and time I spent on specialists and big-name clinics seeking answers and most of all results, she was able to help me get to the root problems with my health and eliminate them."   --  L. B., San Rafael, CA

"Why didn't any one else ever bother to explain to me what was going on with my health?  After all these years, you are the first person to tell me, in words I can understand, what's wrong with my health and what I can do about it to make it better.  Now, instead of being angry about the past misfires with various doctors and other health practitioners, I am glad to know what I can do to stay healthy.  Your comprehensive approach, including work, lifestyle, habits, along with medical symptoms, really identified my specific keys to health and illness.  I appreciate you and your work, Dr. Yates."   --  Mary H., San Rafael, CA

"I appreciate how you break down the complex and make it understandable, piece by piece.  For the first time I don't feel like just some sort of treat me like a person who counts.  I really feel respected and heard."  --  S.M., San Francisco, CA

"It's so nice to feel really good again, and have my energy back.  I can get things done and enjoy my life and family in ways that were missing before I started your health restoration program.  Thanks!"  - A.B., San Francisco, CA

"With all my family commitments it is sometimes hard for me to carve out the time and space to focus on what I need.  Your gentle reminders about the importance of me taking care of me so I can get my own needs met, first, before caring for others, are just what I need.  I appreciate how specific your approach to health care is and how quickly my energy bounced back after years of profound fatigue.  Thanks!"  --  J. S., Berkeley, CA

"Working with Dr. Yates has given me hope again.  Hope is so important.  I'd just about given up on feeling well and now I know what pieces were missing in my health puzzle."  --  M.A., Sausalito, CA

"My family's history of heart disease is really a big source of worry for me.  Dr. Yates was able to identify all the elements of my cardiovascular health, including what I am doing right, what needs to change, and why it matters in the long run.  I no longer feel helpless, as if doomed to repeat my family's heart disease history.  I improve and maintain my health in ways that were not possible before.  Thanks so much!"  --  P.T., San Anselmo, CA 

"You saved my life.  I had one scary heart-related event after another, including arrhythmias and panic attacks.  After 2 stomach bypass surgeries, serious heartburn and digestion issues, and weighing almost 500 pounds, I finally realized I had to make real changes.  NOW!  That last cardiac procedure of ablation, where they used a microwave probe to burn the cells in my heart that the cardiologists thought were causing the distressing arrrhythmias, was the final wake-up call for me.  This procedure was done while I was awake on the operating table, and I could feel the burning pain in my heart as the doctors worked.  I prayed I would find the strength to take care of myself and knew it was time for a change from what conventional allopathic medicine offered me.  You explained the changes I needed to make so I could understand it, do it, and maintain a health program based on sound, sane principles.  You broke it down step by step, into phases of care I could do and achieve.  My heart symptoms are gone, I have lost weight and maintained the weight loss, and continue to steadily, safely lose weight.  For the first time in over 20 years, I am making choices for my health that work for me.  I thank you for your skills and caring as I continue to regain my health, day by day."  --  Traci J., Philadelphia, PA

  People Are Pleased With Their Care